Essential Guide to Lean Six Sigma & Business Improvement


Includes full certification & Exams

The secrets every leader or manager should know; a practical roadmap to successful cultural and business change through Lean Six Sigma.

By John Wellwood (Author)


Widely acclaimed as one of the world’s leading authorities on Lean Six Sigma, John Wellwood unveils the true secrets of Business Improvement deployment.

Finally, a book that provides practical, logical and helpful ways to successfully implement an improvement culture. Leaders see this book as a game-changer and an insight into how to succeed.

  • Are you sick and tired of wasting time and money trying to implement Lean or Lean Six Sigma with limited success?
  • Educating staff, running projects and supporting them but seeing no results?
  • Wishing that you could have a culture where each day people identify and solve problems to make your company’s performance improve?
  • Wasting your time adopting new technology, new systems and new methodologies just to see results stagnate after all that effort?
  • Confused by the fact that your managers and staff just can’t understand the importance of Business Improvement and Lean Six Sigma?
  • Frustrated by the fact that other companies can make this work but your organisation can’t?
  • Ultimately, do you just wish that you could engage all your staff each day in making your company a better place for customers, staff and suppliers so that business performance would soar?

That is why 100% Effective brings you this game-changing book. No matter which industry you are in, no matter your function or level in the business, you need to understand Business Improvement, Lean Six Sigma and how to make it effective in order to change the culture and transform your company.

Invest your time in learning how to implement a Business Improvement Culture and you will be a more effective leader or manager, be able to implement change in any industry and become one of only around 1% of leaders who truly understand how to deploy Lean Six Sigma effectively.

This book will ensure you:
  • Learn the secrets to successful Lean Six Sigma and Business Improvement deployment
  • Understand the real reasons companies and managers have failed in the past so you can learn lessons from them
  • Provide you with a practical 5 step plan for success
  • Understand how to change your thinking, your managers’ thinking and your staffs’ approach so that your culture can be transformed
  • Learn how to make all levels of your business understand, engage and enthuse about Lean Six Sigma and Business Improvement
  • Understand how to train and educate your staff effectively
  • Understand the real issues and how to engage and energise your whole workforce today

John Wellwood is an international Lean Six Sigma and Business Improvement specialist, who has worked for over 30 years across five continents as both a consultant, trainer, coach and practitioner, in multinational as well as micro-businesses. Passionate about Change and Improvement, John has educated thousands of executives and delivered seminars at the British Library, The Lean Six Sigma World Conference, Universities and countless events all over the world. His practical, simple and energetic delivery style will engage and educate you along your journey to excellence.

The question is, are you brave enough to challenge your current approach to Business Improvement | Lean Six Sigma? Learn the secrets, develop your new culture and drive success, starting today!


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