Lean Bundle (10 Courses)


Includes full certification & Exams

If you’re looking to enhance your work and efficiency, the tools offered by the Lean approach will be invaluable. Our educational package provides a comprehensive set of knowledge that will certainly prove beneficial.

  • 10 Courses Included
  • Certificate and Exam Included
  • Worldwide Recognised Qualification
  • Unlimited Lifetime Access
  • No Prerequisites

Introduction to Lean Training Bundle

Learning a diverse range of skills like Lean Overview, Lean 5S, Visual Management, Mistake Proofing, Process Mapping, Lean 8 Wastes, Problem Solving, Kaizen Introduction, Little’s Law, and Gemba Walk is incredibly beneficial. These skills provide a comprehensive understanding of lean principles and methodologies, crucial for optimizing efficiency and reducing waste in any business process. With Lean 5S and Visual Management, you can organize workspaces effectively and enhance communication. Mistake Proofing and Process Mapping enable the identification and rectification of potential errors before they occur. Understanding Lean 8 Wastes helps in pinpointing non-value-added activities, while Problem Solving and Kaizen Introduction foster continuous improvement culture. Little’s Law offers insights into managing work in progress and improving flow, and Gemba Walk teaches the importance of on-site problem identification and solving. Together, these skills lead to streamlined operations, improved productivity, and higher customer satisfaction.

What’s Covered in the Course?

Our Make Lean Bundle is made up of individual courses that are handpicked to create a well-rounded learning package. Each is a standalone qualification, so you can take them all, or pick the ones you want.

Click the links below to find out more about each course included in the bundle.

What are the Benefits of the Lean Training Bundle?

Enhance work efficiency using Lean tools, delve into Mistake Proofing, and refine your Process Mapping skills. Adopt the Kaizen approach for production improvement and uncover hidden opportunities through the Gemba Walk technique. Additionally, enhance customer experiences by applying Little’s Law, focusing on streamlined processes and effective service delivery, this and more in our online course



  • 24/7 ACCESS



Who is the Online Lean Training Bundle for?

This course bundle is ideal for for professionals in operational, quality management, and process improvement roles. These skills are crucial for those in manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and service industries aiming to enhance efficiency and productivity. They are invaluable for project managers, team leaders, and business analysts focused on optimizing workflows and reducing waste. Additionally, these skills are advantageous for anyone aspiring to implement lean methodologies in their organization or seeking to understand and improve business processes. They provide a comprehensive toolkit for identifying inefficiencies, solving problems effectively, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

About the FREE Lean Training Bundle Exam

All Learning Lean training courses include FREE certification exams. These exams ensure that your qualification is a true test of your knowledge and can stand scrutiny. To ensure you pass we provide the following as part of our course fees:

  • Unlimited Retakes
  • Certificate Provided Upon Completion
  • Designed by Master Black Belts
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Open Book
  • No Time Limit


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