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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Online Training

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Online Training

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(47 customer reviews)

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt qualifications are vital for almost any role. We are a CSSC Accredited Provider. Learn the skills required to implement permanent solutions through interactive eLearning. Developed by industry experts this online Green Belt course will engage you to lean how to solve problems, speak with data and challenge the status quo. Obtain a worldwide recognised qualification and boost your career prospects. Over 90% pass rate and 98.5% customer satisfaction. Train when you want, where you want and get qualified today.

  • Full International Certification
  • Unlimited Lifetime Access
  • Includes Yellow Belt Certification FREE
  • CSSC Certification
  • Exams and Retakes
  • 98% Certification Rate
  • 96% Customer Satisfaction
  • 73 Interactive Engaging Modules

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47 reviews for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Online Training

  1. Martin L

    Very Informative!!

    Brilliant course and very eye opening!

  2. Richard Lockyer

    So simple to navigate
    So simple to navigate. I have used other online training course platforms which were so difficult to navigate compared to this one which is so easy.
    Very comprehensive content and great visuals.

  3. Alexander B

    Great LSS Green Belt course
    Great LSS Grenn Belt course. Easily accessible through well designed portal. Well worth the money, and a great resource post certification.

  4. Peter Jackson

    Very useful course
    Very useful course. Thorough and good to have permanent access…

  5. Suzy Grant

    Couldn’t login at first due to my computer but Grace managed to help me out. Subjects were quick to complete. I keep going back to them over and over again.

  6. Oman

    Can’t recommend enough really simple to use system. I struggled with some of the maths but managed to get there in the end. Thanks for your help.

  7. Simon

    I loved the course it was easy to learn and certify. I am looking forward to taking the Black Belt when I have time

  8. bichyu.

    Mostly enjoyed the course. However, the topics could of been structured similar to the Yellow Belt. Instead of having each topic separately, have all the Define topics in one etc.

  9. Hanri

    Good content – well explained with ample practical examples.

  10. Alanaranha

    Very detailed explanation along with demos for minitab.

  11. vac

    Good course, the sound is not always perfect and the examples using Minitab in the course and the latest version do not completely correspond with each other.

  12. Ayesha

    nice course , I’m very happy thanks for the information ^^

  13. Omar

    Practical Exercises will be much easier to understand the course

  14. salone

    great course

  15. Claudius

    Excellent course, the use of examples could be further enhanced during the course. At a point it seemed too much of mathematical learning and required me to have a memory refresh.

  16. Roberto

    Great Course, a slight improvement in the audio will be appreciated but overall experience was very good

  17. yogisperannaidoo

    Very glad to have finally completed my Green Belt certification. The material is very well presented and the examples are easy to follow and understand.

  18. smpayne

    Glad to have completed the Green Belt course. There was an ease of use throughout the courses. It was great to be able to have the flexibility to progress to the exam as quick as I wanted. I am hoping that this will be as useful as it was educational to me in my life in the near future.

  19. Andrew

    Good course reasonably priced only disappointment is not able to download the training slides as they would be useful to have to hand

  20. John

    Great course, very detailed and well presented. Highly recommended.

  21. Tracy

    Fantastic course! Content is detailed yet easy to follow and well presented. Online area is very user friendly and easy to jump in and out of. Would highly recommend!

  22. Shane

    Great course, very comprehensive and covers everything

  23. Kericb

    Great course. So pleased with the achievement!

  24. Ruben

    Very complete adn didactic course

  25. Chris

    Good course with lots of detail and structured in an easy to understand way.

  26. Jan

    Very Good: By this training I have gained a deep understanding of the lean six-sigma techniques by self-learning. I really enjoyed this course and can recommend it.

  27. Michelle

    Awesome! Enjoyed it and just the right amont of information. Didn’t really enjoy MiniTab. Hopefully there is an option to view how you can do it in FREE tools or Excel.

  28. Guillem

    The course is clear and concise. It will help me a lot. I would appreciate though if there were Excel alternatives pre-compiled to the mini-tab for conducting the statisitcal analysis. It is rather simple to build an Hyposthesis validation test in Excel, but it takes some additional time.

  29. kieron

    Superb: really enjoyed the process (particularly owing to the course structure) & have many incredible takeaways.

  30. Lewis

    A very detailed and well laid out course, I agree that some of the topics are very long and the exam questions can catch you out if you are not careful.
    Overall this course is a must if you are looking to broaden you Lean Six Sigma knowledge. I Would definitely recommend it.

  31. Celia

    Very interesting and well explained. I would recommend it to broaden knowledge on Lean Six Sigma.

  32. Theo

    Very Good course and very comprehensive. Good statistics level to understand/remind yourself control charts , limits theorem, probabilities etc. A few mistakes in the slides but you can easily see them and ignore. Well presented and analytical overall.

  33. Michael

    I really enjoyed this course, I was able to learn at my own pace which is great when you have a family. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve their knowledge on Lean Six Sigma methodologies.

  34. Iain

    The course is well constructed and explains the concepts well. Some of the dialogue could be faster and the volume of recording on some of the modules was too low. Each module could have a test at the end with worked answers to help build confidence that the material has sunk in or to serve as a flag to the student that further study may be required. Overall a good experience. I would recommend it.

  35. Michael

    I really enjoyed this course, I was able to learn at my own pace which is great when you have a family. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve their knowledge on Lean Six Sigma methodologies. Thanks for a great course

  36. Wes

    Very enjoyable. A great course and very interesting. Well presented and thorough, with good progression of material.

  37. Chris

    A very informative and worthwhile course to take. I now have the Certified recognition to back up the years of practical experience I have which is a big plus.

  38. Rob

    Thanks for the cours. It has been an educationalexperience which opened a new world for me.

  39. Alphonze

    Very interresting and very well built. I had some fears about the exam preparation and calculations … but it was okay.

  40. Nicola

    Thanks for a great course – the green belt course is really recommendable!

  41. Garry

    A good course with useful on-line resources. Unfortunately I have not applied much of it in practice as my sponsoring organisation subsequently lost interest.

  42. Robert

    Fantastic course! I now have a thorough understanding of Lean Six Sigma, but most importantly a really good idea of how I can apply it. My common theme has been if only we had LSS back then!

  43. Doug

    I really enjoyed the Green Belt course. A very flexible way to learn. I am so glad that I took the course. The system lays down a straightforward methodology to tackle so many problems and will be tremendously useful in the future.

  44. Rachel

    This was a very useful and informative course. It provided insight into the concepts, and clearly explained the objectives of this method. Ideal!

  45. Helen

    A Good Course – although I found some of the Statistics modules tough. Its a long time since I have done maths!

  46. Tony

    Enjoyed taking the course. Material was very good and learned a lot of new things.

  47. Ryan

    I cannot be more happy with not only the training but the support that I received from you, I recommended you before I finished my course, now I have finished I will doing it even more.

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