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Designed by Lean Masters, the Lean Overview course provides a strong Lean awareness through interactive and engaging modules. Learn the fundamentals of the methodology of Lean and how it will improve your business. On completion of the course, you will understand and be able to confidently communicate the benefits of Lean.

  • Certificate and Exam Included
  • Worldwide Recognised Qualification
  • Unlimited Lifetime Access
  • No Prerequisites

Introduction to Lean Overview

Lean is a key Business Improvement methodology to reduce waste and increase efficiency. It has had transformative effects on organisations around the world and across industries. As Lean continues to grow in popularity, companies are increasingly looking for Lean awareness from employees. Our Lean Overview course provides a detailed Lean awareness that is essential to all managers. You will learn what Lean is and the fundamentals of the methodology.

Our online course takes around two hours to complete. The eLearning course is designed to give you a strong Lean awareness through interactive modules, including quizzes and a variety of media. This is not only an engaging way of training but will afford you the flexibility to learn when and where you want. The course includes a multiple-choice exam and you will receive internationally recognised certification to prove your Lean awareness. You can access the course anytime, anywhere and take as long as you need to certify with our lifetime access to the training.

What’s Covered in the Introduction to Lean Course?

Your online Lean Overview training will provide a strong Lean awareness. You will complete the course confident in the fundamentals of Lean, with the ability to communicate what Lean is and why it is used.

Take a look at our Lean Overview course outline:
  • Lean Overviewthinking
  • Why is Lean essential?
  • What is Lean?
  • History of Lean thinking
  • What is waste/value-added?
  • 7/8 wastes
  • How to become more “Lean”
  • What is standardisation?
  • Why is standardisation essential?
  • Benefits of standardisation
  • How to become more standardised
  • Lean problem-solving structure – PDCA

What are the Benefits of the Online Lean Overview Training?

Lean is a widely successful Business Improvement methodology. It is adaptable to any industry and used around the world, making Lean awareness of great value to any professional, specifically managers. For companies employing Lean, ensuring everyone in the organisation has at least an introductory knowledge is vital to getting the most out of the methodology. By affording all employees a Lean awareness, you will create a positive culture in which everyone is working towards one common goal.



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Who is the Lean Overview Course for?

You do not need any prior knowledge or experience of Lean to take this course. It is beneficial to those looking to gain Lean awareness and managers and employees of Lean organisations.

About the FREE Lean Overview Exam

All Learning Lean training courses include FREE certification exams. These exams ensure that your qualification is a true test of your knowledge and can stand scrutiny. To ensure you pass we provide the following as part of our course fees:

  • Unlimited Retakes
  • Certificate Provided Upon Completion
  • Designed by Master Black Belts
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Open Book
  • No Time Limit


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