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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Online Training

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Online Training

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Certify as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, CSSC Accredited course.  Learn all the skills needed to demonstrate your ability in Lean, Six Sigma and Change Management. Learn from industry experts through exercises, video, voice over explanations, case studies and application of your new skills. Join over 10,000 other students who have advanced their CV through qualifying as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. With lifetime access you are investing in your development, your future and your career. Full curriculum of all Lean Six Sigma topics covered in easy to understand lessons.

  • Full International Certification
  • Unlimited Lifetime Access
  • Official CSSC Certification
  • Exams and Retakes
  • 98% Certification Rate
  • 96% Customer Satisfaction
  • 103 Interactive Engaging Modules

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60 reviews for Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Online Training

  1. Alexander B

    Great LSS Black Belt course
    Great LSS Black Belt course. Easily accessible through well designed portal. Well worth the money, and a great resource post certification.

  2. Algebra

    Good Value
    Really good price, the exam retake and lifelong access to the material is a massive bonus

  3. Peter Jackson

    Very useful course
    Very useful course. Thorough and good to have permanent access…

  4. Ludmila Markovica

    The online training was very engaging…
    The online training was very engaging and proved extremely relevant to my job. I am going to apply all I’ve learnt to my job.

  5. Wioleta Polaczek

    Good refresher
    Good refresher

  6. Richard Pitchfork

    Really good website with great learning…
    Really good website with great learning tools. Thoroughly enjoyed the course.

  7. Thomas Shorock

    Good and informative
    Good and informative, could be improved with all videos having spoken content.

  8. Adia-elena Ilie

    Great course would recommend

  9. Manza Mone

    Stats were my worry prior to the course but they were well explained so certified and I am so happy. Will recommend to my friends

  10. ibtasamlatif

    Excellent for the price and mode of learning. Should make the sessions more interactive along with a bit better support from the trainer during the course.
    Customer support is excellent thought., especially Grace.

  11. Alan

    I took the whole package in which the yellow belt, green belt and black belt training was covered. The content of the green and black belt is very similar with the same examples being repeated. Overall a good way to recap / summarize what you learn in yellow and green belt training.

  12. Omar

    It was lovely journey with Lean Six Sigma and I think if more exercises and assessments during the course it would be grateful.

  13. vac

    a clear, informative, and comprehensive course, not all slides were great

  14. Claudius

    A must learn for employees at a middle management grade and higher of all organizations, irrespective of size, to bring in needed efficiency and benefits that are being sought for in businesses. A times there is a repetition of some content and the voice over volume is too low or inaudible. For course takers if there is an option to download the training material, it would be excellent to fall back on when doing live projects.

  15. Ayesha

    nice course i like it

  16. Roshan

    Great course, easy to follow layout. Definitely recommend

  17. alosani

    Great Course

  18. Tatiana

    A good course with loads of information, very comprehensive and well explained. There were a few slides with poor visibility but no major issues. The final exam seemed far easier than I expected to be honest.

  19. Roberto

    Recommended and very user friendly.

  20. Reginald

    Very Informative & Highly recommendable

  21. Reginald

    Very Informative and highly recommended course.

  22. salone

    good coure

  23. Darja

    The course is well structured and all provided information is truly useful. The whole idea that you can study online at your own pace is perfect. Can’t wait to apply the knowledge gained in practice!

  24. smpayne

    A lot of information to digest. It was great to be able to have the time to review the material at my own pace without feeling rushed.

  25. Andrew

    Good course a little issue with the presentations not working. Would be nice to have the slides as downloads after the exam

  26. Daniel

    Good course. Very informative. DMAIC covered in great detail. Would highly recommend this course for any aspiring Black Belts.
    Constructive feedback I would give is that some parts are a little repetitive. Often the narration of a slide seems to drag on longer than it needs to and I often felt like some very basic and simple parts had a ‘teaching your grandma to suck eggs” feel. Also the final exam was very easy, too easy in fact. So much of the course was not covered in the exam. Felt a bit ‘cheap’ being able to pass an exam so easily.
    But still the knowledge have gained from the course is great and will certainly be of benefit in my future professions.

  27. Rafaella

    Very good course

  28. NEIL

    The course was well presented, clear, concise and started with the basics and built upwards. Total time spent on course and exam was 74 hours. Would recommend.

  29. F

    Please bear in mind this is a self paced course without a tutor and you do not complete Black Belt example case studies at the end but you do take a multiple choice exam. I spent a lot longer on the course to fit it around work and to try out every exercise in a real life scenario. This has been the biggest benefit to me in trying these techniques out live in a real environment as you go along. This meant it took a little longer but I now have practical experience of each stage and I am now going to take on a full BlackBelt project that I began last week. The qualification is very useful but the experience I’ve built over the time doing the course is vital. I have reported back modules you cant hear and the powerpoint slides are basic (sometimes outside the screen view) as is the speaking voice but at least you can focus on content which is at the perfect level for me to understand, engage with and relate to.

  30. Shane

    Very comprehensive course, i highly recommend

  31. Kris

    The Minitab section was particularly useful!

    Interesting insights and links to actual projects which helps to put things into perspective and to get you to think about the situation in greater depth.

    Some of the slides could be adjusted to stop them from being cut off from the edge of the screen, maybe just a resolution issue on my computer? but worth checking as it appears that others have mentioned it too.

    Would recommend.

  32. Osama

    found it useful

  33. Michal

    Very good essential and practical course with many life examples and multitude questions which are helpful in order to better understand the philosophy of Lean Six Sigma.
    Strongly recommended for all who want to become certified lean six sigma black belts.

  34. Stephen

    Found the course very well structured and full of good content.
    Very good to be able to access this resource at any point in the future.

  35. Anil

    Course content has been very good, should give the option on downloading the slides for offline reference, and also have access to minitab software.
    Overall its a good course to do at your own pace.

  36. Jonathan

    The course is well laid out, the content is clear & easy to understand & the examples help to re-enforce the learning. Thank you

  37. Emile

    A well structured presentation, I would recommend adding small examinations (quiz) after every DMAIC step.

  38. Stephen

    Great Course, good layout.
    Great knowledge of course content.
    Easily accessible

  39. Patrick

    I have been practicing lean and six sigma for a number of years but without a formal qualification at black belt level (I was only Green Belt certified).
    The lockdown period has provided me with some ideal time to sit, learn and revise on the course to get my formal Lean six sigma black belt qualification. The course contents are quite comprehensive, covers all the necessary principles for lean and six sigma. Clear teaching and well paced. Took me a good 12 days to go through the course and pass the exam. I have learned few new things and very beneficial.
    Cost effective and value for money.
    Thank you and looking forward to continue to gain the next level of my qualification.

  40. Jason

    I was looking for some formalised learning which would improve my contribution at work and led to a recognised certification while furloughed during the Coronavirus pandemic. I had tried out various free online learning which was great but realised on return to work, or if the worst happened in finding a new opportunity, these unlinked unaccredited courses would not give me recognition for the time I would invest. I chose Lean Six Sigma Black Belt because it matched the work I do and would bring together lots of streams of learning and experience in a formal way. I chose Learning Lean after looking at the different approved UK providers on the ASQ , IASSC and CSSC web sites and looking at the mix of cost/content/time to complete and during lockdown whether I could do the whole thing online. There are different options with other providers to include tutors and online classes with costs that reflect that. For me, I had 2 – 3 weeks to devote and needed to go at my own speed to get through the learning and take the exam. My work means it would be challenging to complete a formal project in a classic way but I wanted recognition for the tools I gained knowledge of.

    This course fits those specific needs perfectly. There are words which go off the page on some of the Minitab slides but it’s not a big hindrance. I would recommend not downloading the 30 free demo version of Minitab till about chapter 19 when you need it. The format of the learning is with narrated slides and suite of downloads which help animate things with templates and worked examples – much like handouts in a classroom. I completed the course in 12 working days taking between 4 – 6 hours per day.
    I will definitely benefit from what I have learned – thank you very much.

  41. Richard

    A good well structured course which will prove to be a good guide for any future work commitments.

  42. Maarten

    I enjoyed the course. It is comprehensive, clear in every way and offered several ideas to further put into practice.

  43. Philip

    Great Course

  44. Davide

    Very happy with the content, the platform and the overall convenience of the course. Will definitely check out other courses here on Learning Lean.

  45. Adrian

    Loved the course, feel structured and informative. Easy to use and access from all locations. highly recommended.

  46. Juliet

    Informative and well structured

  47. Peter

    Really useful and comprehensive. Put structure to a lot of what I had learnt over the years. I would recommend this course to others

  48. Heather

    Quite repetitive, good content, could do with variety in the speaking voices

  49. Thomas

    Good course that reinforced my previous green belt training. Possible improvements that could make the experience better include….
    Audio on some slides too quiet. Minitab examples not always working with Minitab 18 (cannot open file). A longer final exam with more calculation questions please.

  50. Emmett

    Really benefited from this course and training. I preferred being able to learn at my own pace. I was using additional material along with this to study and found it very useful. Thanks for providing this curse. Also i would suggest ensuring you complete the sections with mini tab while you have the trial. I got lucky as my work has mini tab so could take my time with it. Again i think it was a very beneficial course for myself would recommend it thanks

  51. Peter

    Very comprehensive. A lot to go through and learn. I would have liked more practical exercises during the course and maybe some testing (mini exam) after each main module. Voices are clear and understandable and the slides are set out well. Some slides however go over the edge but did not detract from the overall training. Possibly worth giving some guidance prior to the start of each session as to how long the session should on average take to complete (rough guide). Really enjoyed and learnt a huge amount in a short period of time.

  52. Emily

    Some parts were a little repetitive, especially if you are already a Green Belt. But overall, good, clear content.

  53. Pana

    I have just completed the course and I would like to thank you. It is a very useful and thorough training and found it to be very well customised and insightful for anyone who wants to be involved with Lean.

  54. Christopher

    Thank you very much. I really enjoyed the course and it’s been extremely helpful.

  55. Katie

    Unlimited access is fantastic, I’ll be coming back even though I’ve finished the course. I found the course to be very good to follow. Very logical and easy to keep up with. The audio was low in a couple of places although using a headphone sorted that.

  56. Paul

    Course content was very complete, concise and easy to interpret. Although some of the course content had no audio background, it did not affect the overall presentation.

    Thanks a lot; I’ll recommend this course to my colleagues who have a similar management background.

  57. Jamie

    This course was perfect for me, Being an expat working in china i was looking for a course in english with certification and that exactly what i have achived.

    The price is reasonable compared that of BSI and other companines but the price is not detrement to the quality of the course and the materials coverd.

  58. Simon

    Very informative and comprehensive course.

  59. Jason

    The course content was good although I did find parts of it repetative. It was clear to work through and very user friendly.

  60. Tom

    I just want to reiterate that I had an amazing experience with learning lean. The whole team is very professional.

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