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Lean Six Sigma is the most effective way to solve problems and transform business performance, every manager needs to understand Lean Six Sigma and how to deploy it successfully in their business. Learning Lean’s Lean Six Sigma Champion course is designed to equip any manager with not only an understanding of the principles of Lean and Six Sigma but how to set up and run Lean Six Sigma to be effective. Learn how to select problems to be solved, how to motivate your team, how to use the approach to eliminate your business issues, increase profits, improve customer service and staff satisfaction.

  • Certificate and Exam Included
  • Worldwide Recognised Qualification
  • Unlimited Lifetime Access
  • Designed for Executives and Managers
  • XO Student Card Eligible

Lean Six Sigma Online Champion Course Overview

This Lean Six Sigma Champion course will provide you with the theory of Lean, Six Sigma, DMAIC and how to use them in your business. Executives and Managers will understand Lean Six Sigma to a level where they can motivate others to deliver it, set up processes for success and drive the use of Lean Six Sigma to change their business. Any Manager without this level of understanding will miss the opportunity to apply Lean Six Sigma and transform business performance.

Following completion and certification delegates will be able to apply the learning immediately thus providing an instant return on investment.

What’s Covered in the Lean Champion Online Certification?

The Champion course content covers all the topics required to train and certify as a Lean Six Sigma Champion. Key topics include – Lean, Six Sigma, benefits, deployment strategy, common mistakes, motivation and deployment processes for success. The course should be taken by every manager, no matter your industry.

The course covers:
  • Introduction to lean – key principles, history, how to apply
  • Understanding non-value-added steps – 8 wastes
  • Understanding standardisation and how to apply it
  • Introduction to Six Sigma – key principles, history
  • Understand variation and how to eliminate it
  • Lean and Six Sigma working together
  • Benefits of Lean Six Sigma and how to obtain them
  • The DMAIC process and how to use it for success
  • Define phase key principles
  • Measure phase key principles
  • Analyse phase key principles
  • Improve phase key principles
  • Control phase key principles
  • How to deploy successfully Lean Six Sigma
  • Common mistakes when deploying
  • Roles and responsibilities of Lean Six Sigma including champions
  • Summary of Lean Six Sigma

What are the Benefits of the Online Champion Training?

The key benefits of the Champion course certification, are that you will be able to understand Lean Six Sigma and deploy it successfully in your business. You will understand what it takes to be successful and the common mistakes to avoid in your deployment. Learn from experts with decades of experience of Lean Six Sigma deployment. Understand what it takes to select the correct problems to solve and the support needed to solve them. Understand the roles associated with Lean Six Sigma and how to set them up for success.

Certification will also mean that you have a formal qualification in Lean Six Sigma to prove your understanding to you staff and other managers. You can talk from a position of authority on the subject and motivate others to get involved.

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Certification and Accreditation

Learning Lean’s certification process is robust and is recognised all over the world. Through passing our online certification process you will be certified as a Lean Six Sigma Champion opening up new doors and avenues to you. The certification process is designed to enable you to demonstrate your knowledge and skills in applying that knowledge. Our test has been designed to be the most robust in the market which is why our certification is accepted worldwide.

All certificates have a unique verification code which can be verified by employers/clients/recruitment companies.

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Who is the Champion Course for?

Anyone who is looking to improve a business and is in a senior management position. If you are looking to deploy business improvement, then this course will guide you through the process to ensure success. If you want to understand what other companies are doing and why.

In short – any executive, senior manager, middle manager or owners of companies then this is the perfect online training course for you.

About the FREE Lean Six Sigma Champion Exam

All Learning Lean training courses include FREE certification exams. These exams ensure that your accreditation qualification is a true test of your knowledge and can stand scrutiny. To ensure you pass we provide the following as part of our course fees:

  • Unlimited Retakes
  • Certificate Provided Upon Completion
  • Designed by Master Black Belts
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Open Book
  • No Time Limit
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7 reviews for Lean Six Sigma Champion Belt Online Training

  1. Edislav

    This is a good course in comparison to some others, especially because of introduction of statistical tools on a higher level. The exams itself is easy.

  2. Ben

    First time online training and I was very pleased with how it ran and how easy to access.

  3. Emma

    The content was good, however the test was very simplisitc and did not really test my understanding of the Lean principles.

  4. Joanna

    I enjoyed the course and found the trainer very accessible and ready to explain things in a way that is appropriate

  5. Julie

    Think this course was very mind changing.

  6. Alex

    I would like to know more about the next steps, yellow, green and black belt.

  7. Catherine

    This was very informative, I am a newcomer to this in my business and it has helped a lot to understand what should be happening when it comes to processes and mapping.

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