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Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Online Training

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Online Training

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(53 customer reviews)

This Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt online course including lifetime access and full certification provides the tools and skills to analyse business processes. This training course teaches you how to identify waste, improve quality, and reduce costs by using data analysis and statistical methods.

  • Full International Certification
  • Unlimited Lifetime Access
  • Official CSSC Certification
  • Exams and Retakes
  • 98% Certification Rate
  • 96% Customer Satisfaction
  • 42 Interactive Engaging Modules
  • Course duration 10 hours including exercises
  • Train at a speed & time to suit your lifestyle

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53 reviews for Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Online Training

  1. Richard Pitchfork

    Really good website with great learning…
    Really good website with great learning tools. Thoroughly enjoyed the course.

  2. Natasha

    This helped me pass my Yellow Belt in just 2 weeks!
    On to the green i go, thank you!

  3. Ludmila Markovica

    The online training was very engaging…
    The online training was very engaging and proved extremely relevant to my job. I am going to apply all I’ve learnt to my job.

  4. Murdo Levy

    Fantastic course. Excellent content and narration. Highly recommended. Special mention after all the issues of moving from single-pay to monthly access – Thanks Grace.!

  5. Charbel Tadtos

    Loved the online Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training course! The voice over was engaging, and the detailed content provided a comprehensive understanding of process improvement. Highly recommended!

  6. Phil

    Great to have access when ever I need it. I use it for remembering elements of the course when I need them. Simple to follow and find tools I need. Thanks

  7. Jason Marsh

    Very good online course

  8. Naz_Merai

    Good Entry Level course with good verbal explanations and examples. A few questions in the exam I felt were not covered well enough in the slides but overall very informative.

  9. Robyne Low

    Great introductory course for learning the basics. Pay attention though – the test at the end isn’t as simple as some might think.

  10. Renee Camilleri

    Course content is excellent. I liked the audio approach to learning accompanying the images. Some slides were poor quality and grainy, and some audio was less than perfect. I did have some technical issues with the course content not loading, but the support team were responsive.

  11. Andrew Forbes

    The content was informative and easy to follow. A few glitches where the sound didn’t play. Most of the time the sound would play once page was refreshed. Sometimes no sound. I would love printable version of the slides. Navigating back was a little tedious whereas revisiting notes would’ve helped. Would love to know which answers I got right and wrong in the exam.

  12. Swee

    Pretty good course to get an introduction into LSS

  13. Bianca

    Slides can be improved but otherwise a really good course to start with.

  14. Alanaranha

    Good course to get introduced to Lean Six Sigma

  15. Hanri

    Excellent foundation – great content – looking forward to the Green Belt program.

  16. Saira


  17. Leigh

    Good basic course to get you started.

  18. umairopst

    Very well explained 👏

  19. salone

    good course

  20. smpayne

    Glad to have completed the Yellow Belt course. It was great to be able to have the flexibility to progress to the exam as quick as I wanted. This was a great introduction into the Lean Six Sigma. I am satisfied with the course.

  21. Ayesha

    Good Course
    I Learn a lot of information ^^

  22. Claudius

    Great course, the voice over needs to be more clear. a lot more visual’s would be helpful for understanding and explaining instead of the use of text majority of the times.

  23. Roberto

    well presented and good online course, sometimes experienced audio error but after refreshing the page it works clearly.

  24. Reginald

    Good course, well structured for online self learning.

  25. Niki

    I found that just having the slides and someone talking without also being able to have documented materials to be able to come back to to refresh my memory quite unhelpful and really mpacted on my ability to properly absorb the information and truly learn from the program

  26. David

    This was a great course, and I got what I expected for the low price. My only complaint would be the lack of support, it doesn’t advertise support, but it also doesn’t say no support included. This was only a Yellow Belt, but should I have gone for Green or Black I would have liked support for peace of mind.

  27. Sanja

    Great Value.

  28. Shane

    Great value and easy to follow. Set out in a way to fit any business or part of life.

  29. Adam

    Great value. The only complaint i can say is the sound is a bit high then low and sometimes have to reload to get sound

  30. Peter

    Fantastic value. A great introduction to Lean Six Sigma.

  31. Jayson

    Impressive! Excellent program structure for Lean Six Sigma course. Well organized and very informative. Examples were based from real manufacturing scenarios. Highly recommended!!!

  32. Adam

    Very good training. It gives a good insight into the Lean Six Sigma process. feedback – most of the examples are from manufacturing industry and very few from services industry

  33. Michelle

    Great program structure and slides and communications were designed with minimal waste in mind. One point, it would be great to have more examples of reducing waste in service industries.

  34. Rika

    So glad i found this training. It is very informative and easy to understand. So happy that I passed the exam and gained plenty of knowledge. I am so looking forward to continue to the next level.

  35. Alanna

    Good online course covering basics of Lean 6 Sigma.

  36. Alok

    Very effective training. It gives a good insight into the Lean Six Sigma process. Just one feedback – most of the examples are from manufacturing industry and very few from services industry. It might be useful to add few from services industry as well.

  37. Andrew

    Very informative course providing the basics for Lean Six Sigma. I will now look to utilise this training at my place of work. Passed first time! 🙂

  38. Barry

    Good course, covering the basic building blocks. Can be done around your working day!

  39. Dale

    Good course enjoyed the learning is a good thing to have on your cv

  40. Philip

    Really good course. Getting ready for green belt course.

  41. jennifer

    I thought the course was great, really interesting and easy to follow. I hadn’t had any Lean Six Sigma training before the course. The reason for taking the course was because I have applied for a new role within my current organisation which requires some knowledge of Lean Six Sigma.

  42. mark

    The course was very well written and went in to good detail about lean six sigma. I was impressed the way lean sigma was sold as being important as it made you feel you were learning something important. The only slight problem was finding where you had previously finished your course work as the progress bar was quite wide but this is a minor issue. I would recommend the lean six sigma course to anyone who wants to get a good grounding in it. Many thanks

  43. Andy

    I was asked to do this through work and is an amazingly interesting and thought provoking course. Learnt so much and started using already. Looking forward to green belt course in 2 weeks

  44. Tom

    Was real fun learning and passing 1st attempt.

  45. Ian

    Very interesting introduction. This course seems to be putting common sense and experience into one package.

  46. Mat

    good introduction to lean Six Sigma

  47. ian

    A very comprehensive, detailed and well put together course. I think having a lean six sigma mindset are the foundation bricks but the content of the course certainly the adds the `motar’.

  48. Mahmoud

    it is perfect but i have only one comment that the script should be provided eith the trainner speack.
    it will be very help full for the pepole not native for english.
    but totally i compare this webside with many others it is the best.

  49. R

    I enjoyed the course and it was really simple to access it and take it. You have a great setup from my point of view

  50. Dove

    Easy to understand, information very clear, can do any time at home or work.

  51. mark

    Good course which I enjoyed as a refresher. Some of audio was a little muffled on a couple of slides (Measure & Analyse) but apart from that, it was good.

  52. Rich

    Good course, well structured for online self learning.

  53. Steven

    Good on-line course. Would use again.

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