Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Online Course UPGRADE


Includes full certification & Exams

The Online Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Upgrade is vital for any professional wishing to upgrade from their Yellow Belt qualification. The online course bridges the gap between the Yellow Belt (which you need to have already taken) and our Green Belt. Learn the skills you need to run successful projects, reduce waste and improve efficiency.

  • Certificate and Exam Included
  • CSSC Accredited Training Course
  • Unlimited Lifetime Access
  • MUST be Yellow Belt trained already
  • Exams and Retakes
  • XO Student Card Eligible

Online Green Belt Upgrade Course Overview

The online Lean Six Sigma Upgrade course bridges the gap between the Yellow and Green Belt course, through simulations, exercises, knowledge checks while listening to professional voice overs. Designed for delegates who wish to fully understand the tools and techniques associated with Lean, Six Sigma and the soft skills needed to implement solutions, this online training course will engage and educate quickly and effectively.

Each topic is set up to provide knowledge, how to apply your learning and tips and techniques to be successful. You will master all the skills needed to achieve real business change. Take as long as you need to certify with our lifetime access and learn at a time and pace to suit your needs. Certification is obtained by passing our worldwide recognised exam enabling you to demonstrate your skills and knowledge and show you are a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt upgrade.

What’s Covered in the Green Belt Upgrade Online Training?

The course content covers all the topics as outlined by IASSC, BQF, ASQ as well as many change management topics not covered by other training courses. You will be able to certify completely and effectively to obtain your worldwide recognised qualification. Suitable for anyone the course builds up from fundamentals to advanced skills in easy to understand steps so you can learn and apply Lean Six Sigma skills.


Understand the essential principles of Lean Six Sigma and the benefits of applying them. Understand the key roles, responsibilities and success criteria needed for Lean Six Sigma to be effective. Understand how to measure success and how to educate others in the principles of Lean Six Sigma so they can support you. Topics include:

  • Overview of Lean
  • Overview of Six Sigma
  • Overview of Lean Six Sigma

Learn how to define a problem correctly to ensure buy in and set up for success. Learn the tools needed to master problem definition, team selection and sponsor engagement. Topics include:

  • Overview of Define
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Team Selection
  • Project Planning
  • Risk Management

Develop your understanding of numbers from basic level upwards. Understand statistics so you will be able to speak with data when solving problems. Understand what and how to collect robust data and present it to others. Topics include:

  • Measure Phase Overview
  • Gate Review Process
  • Measurement Systems Analysis
  • Process Capability
  • Control Charts

Learn the essential skills needed to identify and prove a root cause of a problem. Learn graphical and statistical analysis techniques. Topics include:

  • Intro to Analyse
  • Confidence Intervals
  • Central Limit Theorem
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Regression and Correlation

Learn how to implement a solution successfully. Learn key improvement tools which help solve problems and then techniques to select your solutions. Topics include:

  • Improve Phase Overview
  • Generating Solutions
  • Evaluating Solutions
  • Piloting
  • Savings and Benefits
  • Presenting Final Solutions
  • Improve Phase Summary

Understand how to complete a project, pass to process owners and demonstrate success. Topics include:

  • Control Phase Overview
  • Control Plans
  • Project Close Out
  • Lean Six Sigma Summary

What are the Benefits of the Online Green Belt Upgrade Training?

Once you have completed your training and applied the learning to a real-life problem you will have the skills to solve issues in any industry or function. You will have the ability to explain the concepts to others and engage them in change in your company. You will be able to prove what you have achieved and this often leads to promotion or an increased reputation in your company.

You will be awarded a worldwide recognised qualification with access to the course for life meaning you will never be able to forget your new skills.

Green Belts are confident, more skilled and a highly valuable member of any company.



  • 24/7 ACCESS



Certification and Accreditation

Learning Lean’s certification process is robust and is recognised all over the world. Through passing our online certification process you will be certified as a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt opening up new doors and avenues to you. The certification process is designed to enable you to demonstrate your knowledge and skills in applying that knowledge. Our test has been designed to be the most robust in the market which is why our certification is accepted worldwide. Some aspects of the course will cover Minitab, however, this is an optional software and is not required for the course or exam.

Our online Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Upgrade course is accredited by CSSC (Council for Six Sigma Certification), who are the largest certification body in the world.

All certificates have a unique verification code which can be verified by employers/clients/recruitment companies.


LearningLean Certificate

Who is the Green Belt Upgrade Course for?

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training is a requirement for most management positions regardless of industry. As such it is the perfect qualification for anyone in management, quality, business improvement, project management, process analysis, change management etc. It can be taken by anyone with a Yellow Belt training qualification already. This is a requirement for the Upgrade course (if you’re not Yellow Belt trained, you can take the full Green Belt course instead).

About the FREE Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Exam

All Learning Lean training courses include FREE certification exams. These exams ensure that your accreditation qualification is a true test of your knowledge and can stand scrutiny. To ensure you pass we provide the following as part of our course fees:

  • Unlimited Retakes
  • Certificate Provided Upon Completion
  • Designed by Master Black Belts
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Open BookNo Time Limit


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